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30 years

Full Service Auto Repairs at Lakeland Auto & Marine

At Lakeland Auto & Marine, we provide excellent auto services to repair and maintain your vehicle. Our expert technicians have the training and the experience to handle any issue that you bring us. Anything from a simple oil change or tire rotation to a complicated engine rebuild or replacement. We want to be your go-to shop for all of your auto service needs.

Standard Maintenance Services

Our experienced technicians are skilled in every aspect of your vehicle’s operation. From headlights to tail lights, we can provide the necessary maintenance services to avoid any costly repairs down the road. Routine maintenance and careful inspection of your vehicle is the key to the continued health of your car, truck, or SUV.  If your brakes begin to show some signs of wear and tear, or if your engine or transmission is not pulling its weight, then you should let the professionals at take a look. We can fix it all!



Our service is not just limited to auto, we also service marine. Marine services need to be done right the first time, you can not be left out on the water with a bad repair. Our expert technicians can repair or rebuild your engine, carburetors, transmissions and create any hose lines you need. We stand behind our work and look forward to any questions you may have. 

Tire Services

Besides servicing your tires we are a Michelin®, BFGoodrich®, Uniroyal® associated dealer that can take advantage of their special manufacturer offers. We sell all major brands, we can supply the brand of tires for your specific needs. 
We use the best equipment for tire service, the Road Force Hunter tire balancer, that solves many vibration complains. Our Tire Changer Hunter Auto 34 r can change up 19.5 tire size.

Machine Shop Services

Our fully equipped machine shop service technicians have the expertise to handle your machining needs. Your vehicle’s auto services are not just about today, but also about the future of your car. We’re here to extend the road-life of your vehicle and preserve your engine for a long time. You may want to drive your car forever, and that’s exactly what we want to make possible for you.

Line Bore
Connecting Rod Reconditioning
Crankshaft Polishing
Crankshaft Straightening 
Crankshaft Welding
Engine Balancing
Position Pin Fitting
Cylinder Block Decking


Need Diesel engine maintenance or repairs, we service light to medium duty diesel.  From oil change to complete rebuild we can service your diesel engines. Our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair your diesel engines. 

Vintage Car Service

Our service technicians can handle Your Vintage Car from minor to major mechanical repairs. We have the expertise and equipment to totally service brakes, transmission, lines and rebuild your engine from the block up. We pride ourselves in Vintage Cars and work on all makes and models. We have the experience to get your vintage car running like new. 


We can diagnose and repair your transmission here in the shop. Our experts know transmissions and we stand behind our work. We service both standard and manual transmissions and can rebuild your transmission if needed. 

Hydraulic Hoses

If you need an hydraulic hose we are your go to shop. We have the best selection in the area of hydraulic hoses from four wire high pressure line to oil line for a remote oil filter. We carry hoses and couplings in stock for ready to make any replacement the hose you need including metric fittings. In most cases custom assembly hoses can be mad while you wait.

Fitting Styles

Auto Electrical Services

If you are having problems with your autos electrical system we can diagnose and repair the problem. Our skilled technicians even work on Electric Vehicles, Tesla Models and Hybrids Cars.  

Fuel System Services

If you are having problems with your autos fuel system we can diagnose and repair the problem. Our skilled technicians work on both auto and marine fuel systems. Using diagnostic equipment like Pico Scope and ANSU Fuel injector cleaning and flow test machine we can keep your engine fuel efficient, with greener emissions while maintaining your engines best performance. 

Heating & Air Conditioner Repair

If your air conditioner not keeping you cool we can help, from simple refrigerant replacement to the compressor we will help you stay cool.  We also service heating system to keep you warm on those cold days. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and have your vehicle heating and cooling systems repaired.

Exhaust Services

We repair exhaust systems for  auto, truck and marine. With years of experience with various exhaust systems we can handle your exhaust from tail pipe to manifold.

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